Pineapple & Coconut Tea

0% SugarGreat IcedJuice Alternative

Sweet, juicy pineapple flavours swirl with cool, refreshing coconut in a mix that instantly takes you to the Caribbean with every sip. It’s sunny, tropical aroma is equally enjoyable hot or iced.

Ingredients & Usage

3 reasons to love our Pineapple & Coconut tea

  • It has 0% sugar and is naturally sweetened with blackberry leaf
  • It’s a great caffeine-free alternative to tea or coffee
  • It’s perfect iced as a low sugar alternative to juice

Why choose our pineapple & coconut tea?

Why choose our pineapple & coconut tea?

This tea infuses the flavors of pineapple and coconut together to provide a sweet and juicy caffeine-free blend that delivers a satisfying and refreshing experience