Green Tea with Strawberry


Take a moment to remember summer as a kid, running around barefoot with sweet strawberry juice running down your chin. Breathe in the sweet fresh smell and savour the fruity taste of Healtheries Green Tea with Strawberry which offers you a stimulating and revitalising lift! Healtheries Green Tea with Strawberry has a fresh vibrant berry flavour and refreshing aroma.

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Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

  • Green tea boasts a generous level of antioxidants to help you feel revitalised
  • Beautifully balanced with sweet strawberry
  • A cleansing and stimulating lift
  • Revitalising the mind
  • A refreshing alternative to coffee and tea

Why use Green Tea with Strawberry?

Why use Green Tea with Strawberry?

This superior quality green tea is nature’s powerhouse, with natural antioxidant properties. Healtheries Green Tea with Strawberry refreshes and revitalises the body and mind.