Five Ways to Build Your Immune System this Winter

Naturopath Vicki Martin shares five steps to help you and your family build up your immune system this winter

The common cold often strikes in winter, leading to unpleasant symptoms such:

  • Sneezing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throats
  • Chesty congestion and coughs

This common infection catches all of us from time to time. It can be highly contagious and can infiltrate the protective lining of our nose, throat, and lungs, causing symptoms likes headaches, mucous, and chest congestion.

Keep the family fighting fit this winter with these healthy tips for snuffling out winter colds and chesty coughs:

Don't delay! Start today!

 The best approach for building your immune system against coughs and colds, is to make sure your defences are strong before the season changes. Start taking extra Vitamin C and cod liver oil to build your resistance against infection weeks before cooler weather begins. 

Ginger zinger

Ginger zinger

A great way to start the day on those cold winter mornings is to drink a cup of Lemon and Ginger Tea. Ginger provides powerful benefits by supporting circulation and increasing warmth in the body. 

Probiotic pow

Did you know 70% of your immune systems health lies in your intestinal tract? Probiotics are live ‘friendly’ bacteria that help keep your gut healthy by reducing the number of harmful bacteria in your intestines. Studies show probiotic bacteria have a positive effect on immune function. However illness, poor diet, stress, aging, infections and medications can reduce beneficial bacteria levels. Prebiotics are special food sources that fuel and nourish friendly probiotic bacteria. Common probiotics include miso soup, garlic, onions, spring onions, and leeks. You can also ensure that you get the benefits of Probiotics in a supplement form.  

Thank goodness for garlic

Garlic is your immune system’s best friend during the winter months. Garlic benefits your natural resistance by supporting healthy airways, respiratory function and immune system health. It can be safely used by the whole family. 

Eat with the season

Eat with the season

During winter, nature provides us with plenty of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables that our immune system needs. For example, kiwifruit and feijoa are in season during the cooler months, and they are both excellent sources of Vitamin C. Vegetables such as kumara, carrots and pumpkin are also good sources of Betacarotene, which supports your immune system and mucous membranes.